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MEGA DOSED is a clinically dosed complete anabolic Pre Workout that contains 5 of the must-have ingredients (L-citrulline, Beta Alanine, Creatine HCL, Betaine Anhydrous and Taurine)  to support its name. Guaranteed to enhance every workout. Clinically proven ingredients offer your body exactly what it needs to assure no set or rep is wasted. 

A total of 9 ingredients dosed to the maximum used in MEGA DOSED are disclosed so you are aware of the quantity you are receiving in every serving. NO Bs, NO proprietary blend and NO hype! Just proven ingredients for proven results!

This strength building formula primes your muscles for mega pumps, lasting energy, rapid recovery, and sharp focus making sure every workout is at its best! The 5 MUST HAVE ingredients mentioned before will support  muscles to be at their peak performance even at the end of your workout. A true strength builder! 

With MEGA DOSE anabolic formulation, expect nothing less than incomparable results!

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